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Maverick Experiments

A collection of articles dedicated to understanding the

principles behind science.


Sometimes we all need to know more about things than answers that result in grades only. A friend of mine told me a boating story about being on the water and approaching port with his wife. "Which side of the red light should we be on" he asked. The response was "I don't know". But he responded "didn't we both take the seamanship course and didn't you get an A". "Sure" she answered "but that was only to get a good mark. I forgot all that stuff when the course was over".

Some things require more than a good grade. They require an in depth understanding of the basic underlying principles. This is what this page is about. Hopefully it will be updated in time . Of course these must be done with adult supervision. We are not liable for any loss from these experiments or material.

Force Mass Acceleration .

2 Gyroscopes.

3 Drawing conic sections with string and tacks

4 How to draw a five pointed star    

How To trisect an Angle (with paper folding)

6 How to make Long Throw LCD Projector

7 How to make a HHO generator

8 Atmospheric Electricity

9)   Arrested in NYC

10 Understandings Amps And Volts

11   How Computers work, a explaination of gates.

12  A Capacitor Discharge Unit  (Honda CX500)  

13    A few downloadable Mandlebrot Pictures

14   Foods For A better Memory

15  How to compile SVGALIB-1.4.3   for use on the Linux command line.

16  Is the FDA Poisoning the Elderly?

17    Raspberry Pi C Programs HERE

18  Pictures of the Global Warming March of Sept 21  

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In mediation delve deep into the heart.
In dealing with others be gentle and kind.
In speech be true.
In work be competent.
In action be careful of your timing.
..... Lao Tsu

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